for JUST ONE BITE (previously released as Love at First Sniff)

Night Owl Reviews – Jul, 2012

Love at First Sniff

Rosie has been shy of getting involved since her last relationship went sour. On a night out with a friend at the bar she smells something delicious and finds herself hopelessly drawn to a stranger. After an electrifying dance where both of them were caught unaware by their desires, he leaves and Rosie figures she will never see him again.

Lucas Colbert can’t seem to forget the woman he shared a dance with at a loud bar, even though he knows he should. Lucas is a werewolf and there is a rule that a werewolf can not mate and shouldn’t mix with humans. Lucas finds himself unable to stay away from Rosie and he must try to balance the wishes of his pack and the demands of his body.

Due to a hostile act of one of Lucas’s pack mates, Rosie’s life is forever altered. Can Lucas convince her that life will only get better and can he get out of the trap laid by a power hungry werewolf?

Love at First Sniff is a humorous, steamy read by a, new to me, author. Ms. Snowdon has a fun sense of humour and can write sizzling scenes. It was a pleasure to read this book and I look forward to more from her.


for The Spanish Acquisition

4.0 out of 5 stars A quick read!, November 19, 2013

In The Spanish Acquisition by Nora Snowdon, Lily Scott is on vacation in the Dominican Republic thanks to her aunt Lilith who gave her an all expense paid trip she had. Since Lily is a struggling art student from New York, she does not have the money for trips or luxuries, so she is grateful for the gift from her aunt and takes her advise on pampering herself while on vacation. What she doesn’t expect is to meet the man of her dreams while she is visiting the stables, what is even more surprising is that he is equally attracted to her and asks her to dinner.

Carlos adores the woman that he meets while at the resort, she is sweet and so very hot. He cannot help wanting to be with her at all times. When he learned her name for some reason the name seemed really familiar to him, until he remembered Lilith Scott is the name of a woman that fell at an art show and did not sue them. In thanks his assistant gave her the all expense trip to the resort.

But when his assistant tells him that a lawyer has filed a lawsuit against them for Lilith’s fall, he cannot help but think that Lily is a scheming lying woman. Unfortunately in his anger he insults her and leaves her immediately. What he does not expect is that he cannot forget the sweet art student he met, and after trying to destroy her and forget about her he soon learns that he cannot get her out of his mind.

Now Carlos will have to work hard to find out the truth and find a way to fix the mistakes he made against Lily. For his love for her was not temporary or something that he could easily throw away, but getting her to trust him again will not be easy.

For a sweet, hot and fast read don’t miss The Spanish Acquisition by Nora Snowdon.



Werewolf Romance like you’ve never read before! Nora Snowdon knows how to spin a great story. Most heroes and heroines run into their share of problems, but you have to read this book to see the twists and turns Nora can dream up when she turns her incredible wit to a werewolf story.


T. Mitchell it was amazing

JUST ONE BITE is a fast-paced read full of humor and wit, like only Nora Snowdon can deliver. I loved the playful romance between Lucas and Rosie, which at times got really hot and heavy. This is a unique spin on werewolves, showing the lighter puppy dog side, while still reminding you these supernatural canines have a dark, primal side.

JUST ONE BITE is a quick read that not only leaves you wanting the story to continue, but also has you wanting your own werewolf after meeting Lucas