Arsonists Anonymous

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Lu Dawson has a heart of gold, a wicked sense of humor, and a bad habit of starting fires.
Well, two out of three ain’t bad…


What’s a girl to do when she finds herself inadvertently starting fires? Lucinda Dawson becomes a firefighter to help mitigate her guilty conscience. But she gets more than she bargained for when she signs on with the Seattle Fire Hall headed up by the ruggedly handsome Captain Josh Reynolds.

To make matters worse, she is assigned part time to work with Arson Investigator Byron Morgan. A man used to making his own rules, Byron both threatens and thrills her. But is his interest in her merely a ploy in his own game to beat out his old rival?
Lu must fight more than fires in her struggle to keep her secret safe and her heart secure.

* Contains graphic sex scenes and is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age.

Just One Bite  (book 1 of the Dances With Werewolves series)


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When Rosie meets Lucas in a crowded nightclub, it is love at first sniff. But after a fabulous night together she overhears that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his child and he is being pushed into a shotgun wedding. Rosie figures why not just give up and buy that trailer in hurricane country? She obviously already has the lifestyle down pat.

Lucas has finally met the woman of his dreams, sexy, funny, bright. The only trouble is- she’s human. His werewolf clan won’t allow him to marry her. Meanwhile they’re trying to push him to marry a suitable mate within the pack. The fact that his only brother was neutered by the SPCA a few years ago only increases the pressure for him to produce offspring. If he can just downplay the negative aspects of being a werewolf – fleas, the desire to chase motorcycles, and Uncle Harold – maybe he can convince Rosie that it’s not such a bad lifestyle choice.

A sexy comedy you can sink your teeth into…


First Bite is the Deepest


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Can a woman bitten by a werewolf choose not to become one herself? Ella is not persuaded by rich, handsome, and (unfortunately) neutered werewolf, Robert Colbert that his bite need change her life. Despite her annoyance with his arrogance, she agrees to let him take her to dinner if he’ll let her interview him for her gossip magazine LoveLifeStyle about his previous job as a designer/host for a reality TV show.

Trying to convince her to accept her werewolf fate before the rapidly approaching full moon, Robert finds himself falling in love with the stubborn bitch-to-be. But with some dark secrets of her own and a scarier suitor on her horizon, Ella may prove to be the one woman able to resist Robert’s wolfish charm.

The sequel to Love at First Bite about Robert’s brother, Lucas, this steamy tale of mismatched lovers will have you dreaming of catching your own werewolf lover. Playing fetch? Not so much…


available Dec 28, 2016
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After a lifetime of rebelling against her controlling mother and over-protective werewolf family in general, Anna is shocked to find herself falling for a man her mother might actually approve of. Well, if only he wasn’t a human. And the fact that he has a weird genetic problem that could kill him if she “accidently” bites him doesn’t help matters.
Ericson knows with his shady past, he should lay low. After his brother was murdered, he’d vowed not to put anyone else he loved in danger. Despite his best intentions, Anna Colbert somehow gets under his skin. Apparently with a woman like Anna, resistance is futile.
Big Girls Don’t Bite follows First Bite is the Deepest in the Dances With Werewolves series. These steamy tales of werewolves in love will have you howling with laughter even as you wonder about whether there really are werewolves living amongst us…



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When a multibillionaire business mogul from Barcelona meets a struggling art student from New York in the Dominican Republic, sparks fly. But can they overcome their differences and an odd case of mistaken identity?

On vacation in the Dominican Republic, Lily Scott meets the man of her dreams, and then some.  She’s astounded when he seems equally attracted to her. But after a whirlwind affair, she is devastated when he abruptly insults her and leaves.

Carlos adores Lily, the sweet, unassuming artist he meets on vacation, but then when his personal assistant informs him that she’s suing his company, he exacts revenge and then tries to move on. But can he?


THE FRENCH RESOLUTION      (Rebel Ink Press)

french res cover sm

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As the Fundraising Coordinator at a New York charity for needy children, Helen Dunhill is anxious to convince her business tycoon father to host a benefit gala at his Nassau mansion. The philanthropic event will improve his company’s tarnished image, which in turn should help him accept her chosen career. After years of being invisible to her jet-setting father, she hopes the endeavor will make him finally appreciate her. Planning to discuss her proposal during a Thanksgiving vacation in Nassau, she is devastated when, once again, her father flies off to Europe for business before her arrival. Determined to at least help other children have a decent family life, she sends the gala proposal to his office.

French Corporate Raider, Antoine Christoff has just seized control of the floundering Dunhill Holdings Company. Unfortunately for him, 30% shares are held in blind trust for the former owner’s daughter, Helen. Antoine flies to Nassau to wine and dine the daughter and then purchase her company shares.

As his investigations show her to be mousy and unsophisticated, he assumes she will easily succumb to his charm. He plans to flatter and coerce her into selling her shares before she realizes his connections. But once they meet it’s game on.  And all bets are off.

Sew Happy Together      (Rebel Ink Press)

sew happy

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Ariel’s just moved to the big city to start up her designer dress boutique.

Gorgeous men are dropping at her feet–well, one gorgeous man, after he was struck by a car.

Her mother is trying to help her by giving Ariel’s phone number out to eligible gays with jobs.

Her dog wants to take over the world, one bagel at a time.

And if it wasn’t for getting dumped, then kidnapped, her life would be great!


A PIRATE’S BOOTY     (Rebel Ink Press)

pirate cover

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What’s a girl to do when she wakes up on a pirate ship and seems to have misplaced her hair dryer? Oh yeah, and everyone else believes she’s a boy?

Well, fighting, swabbing the deck and falling in lust with the aristocratic Ian The Invincible seems a great place to start…