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So three books of the Dancing With Werewolves Series are now available on Amazon

And my book Arsonists Anonymous is part of an amazing 6 book bundle called, Lovesick in Seattle just out now and featuring love stories by Holley Trent, Peggy Bird, Liv Rancourt, Dana Volney, and J.M. Stewart.
This book retails for the low price of $0.71 on Amazon.

And of course, I’m still working on the romance, Bite Me Baby (One More Time) starring my poor little werewoodle, Janette. I’ll give you details on that one as soon as it nears publication.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

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  1. me too! i am actually still halfway through janette’s story and am pretty excited by it. i got a little bogged down in some unexpected twists that came up in her story but am fighting to get through them. –part of the problem with being a writer who doesn’t plot but just works out general details of a story in advance. With my dog-trainer hero, Brock Benson turning out to be from Moldavia, i’m suddenly having to delve a lot more into weird research. sigh…
    in the meantime my book rights for Arsonists Anonymous has reverted to me so I’m fixing a scene or two that has always bothered me, re-editing it and i’ll be releasing that book before Christmas.
    thanks for commenting.

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