and more werewolves coming your way!

So in case you didn’t notice, First Bite is the Deepest is now available for purchase and the third book in my werewolf series, Big Girls Don’t Bite is also available for pre-order now! To whet your appetite here’s a short excerpt:


“The bar is closing again? Why? For how long?” Anna stormed to the cash register to confront Ericson. She’d rushed over on her lunch hour after Rosie had mentioned the sign on the door. What if Ericson got a job at a different bar and then fell for someone else before she got her claws into him?—so to speak.

“Good afternoon to you, too, Anna.” His casual smile pissed her off.

“Are you going to still be working here when it reopens?”

His eyes widened. “Why? Did someone say I was getting fired?” He wiped the bar and slid her a glass of ice water. Did he do that at home like mothers absent mindedly cutting up their guests’ meat for them?

“No. I just—” She narrowed her eyes at him. Was he mocking her? “Well you coulda told me. That’s all.”

“By the way, Anna. The Wolf’s Lair is closing down for a few weeks starting Monday.” He leaned on the bar between them with a sly grin. “So if you’d like to ask me out, I may actually have a few days off.”

“Uh… What?” Jeez. She hadn’t expected that. She shook her head to clear it. “Oh sure. Do you want to go out some time?” If he dared turn her down now, she’d have to hit him.

“Love to. Where are you taking me?”

Oh hell. Is he serious? Just play along. “A new bar opened up a couple of blocks over on Main Street called Gamers. Do you play games?” Anna smiled. That could be taken either way.

“Definitely. But I should warn you, I only play to win.”

“We’ll see how that works for you. How’s next Tuesday night, and should we meet there?”

He blinked as if shocked. “Excuse me? You’re not picking me up with flowers and chocolate?”


“Okay. What time?”

“Seven.” Her stomach fluttered as the realization hit her that she’d actually asked him out and been accepted. But did it count as her asking when he’d suggested it?

He nodded. “Meanwhile, what can I get you?”

“Huh? Oh. Some fries would be great. And a coffee, please.”

“Coming right up.” He tapped her order in, poured her coffee and then scanned the rest of the bar. “Excuse me.”

Anna stared at her coffee bewildered. She’d gotten what she wanted—a date with Ericson—but somehow now she was feeling manipulated and in over her head. She’d always called the shots in her relationships and she didn’t like giving up control. But if they were both going for the same thing, did it matter who lead the dance?

2 thoughts on “and more werewolves coming your way!”

  1. Love, love, loved your three books and can’t wait fir the next
    Unable to find a link for the short story Love..

    Also you really need a new editor for all the books as there are
    still a number of off putting spelling or word errors.

  2. hmm, if you enter your email address then a box should’ve turned up underneath that spot that said download story. i’ll send you a pdf of A Time for love.
    and i’m always looking for beta readers to point out my grammatical errors, typos and plot holes prior to publishing.
    if you’d be interested drop me a line at

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