more mini reviews

Still going through the books I read last week to see which ones you should read.  Isn’t it nice of me to cull through them to save you time and effort?

side note–in my first set of reviews, I slammed an unnamed Harlequin Presents book.  I don’t mean to imply all of this Mills & Boon line are bad, just that that particular book was outstanding.


10) This Heart of Mine by Brenda Novak  Amazon

genre Women’s Fiction/Romantic Tear Jerker

After serving 17 years in prison for a murder she didn’t commit, gutsy outcast braves the small town’s hatred as she tries to forge a bond with the son she left behind with her ex-boyfriend.  She also must repress her love for her ex to maintain her fragile existence.

verdict Sniff. I’m still recovering emotionally from this book. It grabbed me from start to finish. My only complaint was the heroine was just a little too good to be true.  Still, you should buy it.

11) On A Night Like This by Barbara Freethy  Amazon

genre Firefighter/Nerdy Girl Next Door

Sara is home from N.Y. to try to connect with her cold, mentally abusive father.  Aiden returns to deal with his guilt about  the work related accident that claimed his best friend. They both try to repress their simmering lust for each other. (guess how well that works...)

verdict  Fabulous, steamy and gripping!  I might actually buy another of Barbara Freethy’s books, I enjoyed this one so much.  And that’s saying a lot.  As an author I get so many free books, I rarely seek them out. But well, you know the feeling when a book hangs onto you even after you’ve finished it and are trying to move on?  Sigh. Buy it now.

and a bonus book because I kept reading after my computer came back…

12) Busted by Shiloh Walker  Amazon

genre Romance

Reclusive author, Trey Barnes, falls in lust with the librarian  running the children’s program. The lust is reciprocated, but due to circumstances–they’re both single-handedly raising 5 year olds and have tragic pasts–they dance around each other (and do steamier things) but won’t commit.  There is some mystery with Trey’s twin brother, Travis, but that appears to be set up for a different novel and really only serves to muddy the plot of this one.

verdict  Good sex scenes but I got a little tired of the dithering as the heroine spent what seemed like a third of the book worrying about how to tell him her terrible secret.  Recommended if you just want a sexy read.