My Reading List (part two)

Whilst awaiting the return of my wounded computer, I binge read many of the books piled up beside my bookshelf. (yes, my bookshelf overfloweth and I’m trying to cull.)  Here are snap reviews of some more of the books I sped through.

5) Alejandro’s Sorceress by Alyssa Day  Amazon

genre Humorous Paranormal Romance Novella

A paranormal cop and a witch join forces (and lust after each other) in a battle against a garden creature that turns people and animals to stone.

verdict  Snappy and fun writing style that makes me want to rush out and buy other works by this author.  Unfortunately in this story she forgot to include much of a plot. The cop’s partner is turned to stone, but that doesn’t seem to be much of a concern for anyone.  Meanwhile, an army of wacky extras run in and out of the story solely for comic effect.  definitely try another work by this author.

6) Season of Storms by Susanna Kearsley  Amazon

genre  Women’s Fiction with Romance and Mystery

Actress travels to Italy to star in a play written for the actress she was named after.  A couple of the staff at the mansion/theatre they are staying at go missing. Some mystery evolves, along with a bit of discreet smut, and then all is solved.

verdict Lush descriptions and fantastic attention to details, but the pace dragged for the first half of the book and the eventual denouement was anticlimactic.  But great descriptions and characters.  It was also interesting to see backstage of a theatrical production.   try something else by this author.

7) Someone Like Her by Sandra Olsen  Amazon

genre  Navy Seal Romance

Navy Seal lusts after a co-worker’s sister but due to his slutty reputation and inability to commit to one woman, is determined not to have her.  She’s got issues of her own, but once they are thrown together trying to thwart her would-be assailant, all bets are off.

verdict Exciting and sexy read. recommend

8) This Thing Called Love by Miranda Liasson  Amazon

genre Contemporary Romance with Baby

Successful and driven big city editor returns to her small hometown after inheriting dead sister’s 4 week old baby.  She is torn between career, sexy ex-boyfriend she had left behind years ago, and baby guilt.  (no one in town seems to be actually mourning the dead parents much. then again, how much grief do you want in a romance?)

verdict  Easy to read and easy to forget. a tepid recommendation

9) When He Was Wicked by Julia Quinn  Amazon

genre Historical Lite

Michael Sterling, the Earl of Sterling, has hidden his unrequited love for Francesca, the wife of his cousin, for years.  But now that she is widowed, will their passion win out over their sense of propriety?

Well of course it will.  This wouldn’t be much of a romance if passion didn’t win, but Julia Quinn writes a delightful and steamy story of how these two charming lovebirds get together despite themselves.

verdict Sexy, fluffy fun without too much of those pesky historical details to drag the pace down.  recommend

and more book reviewlets to come.  stay tuned…