My 8 Days of Reading

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing during the last eight days whilst my computer languished in the cold and unfeeling confines of the computer infirmary, well wonder no more.

I have been reading a variety of romance genres.


Eleven books–well two of them were novellas–have been shifted from my “to be read” pile over to my “who should I pass this book to?” list.  And apparently binge reading lends itself to snap decisions on what worked for me, and what did not. Here’s my reading list:

  1. Once A Princess by Johanna Lindsey  Amazon

genre A bodice ripper–honest. The hero kidnaps an American woman he claims is a princess and seduces the reluctant virgin on the boat trip back to his country where (after they fall in love) he marries he and makes her his queen. The only thing missing was the shirtless Fabio cover.

verdict Despite my feminist sensibilities,  I did find this novel scintillating and fun.

2) Chocolate Muse by Zelda Benjamin  Amazon

genre Chocolate  Chick Lit    A chocolate pastry chef meets up with the food critic who destroyed her reputation. Lust and dessert preparations ensue.

verdict Tasty, but not very fulfilling.

3) Something Sweeter by CandisTerry  Amazon

genre  Cowboy Romance  A cynical event planner from Seattle goes to small town Texas to see if her father’s southern fiancée is a gold digger.  She falls for the woman’s cowboy son as much as the huge mass of lovin’ Texas family.

verdict  Fun and Steamy! What did y’all expect, Dostoyevsky?

4) a Harlequin Presents Novel

genre Ruthless Billionaire/Sweet Virgin romance.   Wounded ballerina falls for cruel (but gorgeous) billionaire after he threatens to fire her brother-in-law unless she goes out with him.  Her pure love redeems his blackened soul and they both learn to heal from their sorry pasts.

verdict Remarkably poor writing and editing especially considering it was from an award winning writer.  Aside from the lame plot and thinly-drawn characters, there were a couple of “Z”s (?) randomly placed mid story,  incorrect word usage, and an uncurbed addiction to exclamation marks!!!

my reading list will be continued in next post…