First Bite is Now Available

First Bite cover      FIRST BITE IS THE DEEPEST

now available on  and Barnes&Noble

Book Launch day is always exciting.  You struggle for so long to write the book.  Then there is the full round of edits with critique partners. (thanks especially to author Jacqui Nelson for all her hard work on ALL my books)  After that you send your novel to an editor and hope they like it enough to want to publish it.

But wait, you’re still not done. Once the editor accepts your novel then you work with them on more edits, book blurb and cover art.  And then, again, you wait until your publisher has a time to slot your release into the line-up of books they have coming out.

So by the time your baby is available to the public to buy, a year or so has passed and you’ve been working on numerous other projects.  Your mind is now in a different place than when you first thought, ‘hey, what if the brother bites a woman, but she decides she doesn’t want to be a werewolf?  can she fight off the inevitable fur balls?’

Suddenly you struggle to remember all those half-baked marketing ideas you thought were funny way back when–Werewolf Cook Book, yes or no?  (can I find that many ways to cook a steak?  will anyone care?) Fridge or car magnets with Werewolves Gone Wild, My Werewolf Ate my Homework, or Werewolf on Board. Free book with every can of dog food donated somewhere?   Or maybe the dreaded bookmarks?

Invariably I toss out most of my genius selling plans, and instead just post, ‘Please buy my book!’  on various social media sites and write blog posts.

But regardless of how much promo I do, I am excited that my story about Robert and Ella is available because, damn it! I really like this one.  And I hope you’ll read it and like it, too.  In fact I hope you love it enough to write a review on Amazon or wherever you buy it as reviews seem to be the Best publicity, money can’t buy.

Thanks for visiting my website and feel free to hoist a few glasses of champagne (or wine, beer, whatever you fancy) to my latest book to venture out into the real world!