Just got the cover art for my new April release, First Bite is the Deepest!  With a few choice images, font and colours, the cover artist managed to convey that the book is a male/female, Werewolf Romantic Comedy.  (that is a genre, right?)  Anyway, without further ado, here’s the cover to my new book!

First Bite cover

And if you want to read the prequel to this novel to tide you over until it comes out in April, why not pick up a copy of Love at First Sniff?  You can read the first chapter and then buy it on Amazon or Barnes&



People ask why I write and there’s only one answer. Because it’s fun. I’ve always enjoyed playing, ‘what if?’ Writing allows me to make up wild tales, rewrite real life events to my preferred conclusions, and spend hours in make-believe without being branded a liar or crazy. And I come from a long line of writers. My mother was a news journalist, her two uncles were editors of major newspapers and I have several vanity press books from the early 20th century written by relatives. So I guess the ink is in my blood. The more fitting question I would assume is, ‘why do I want others to read my literary postulations?’ Early on I had dreams of writing The Great Canadian Novel and winning major book prizes. It was to be a validation that yes, baby Nora does have a brain. As the youngest child in a family of five, I did have to struggle to be heard. But, I hear you interrupting, smut, even Elegant Smut, does not win prizes. Well yes, I realize that. But it does get published, and in vast quantities. The other main reason I write smut is that old axiom, write what you know… Of course looking at the current two books I’m flogging, a werewolf love story and a paranormal firefighter you might wonder how I know about these things. Well I do rely on asking friends about their experiences – many thanks to my hairy, growling best friend from high school. And for other things I have to rely on my imagination. I imagine how others could run into burning buildings, certainly not me! Eventually I would still like to write the most incredible book ever, but right now, I’m just enjoying writing and seeing where it takes me. I hope you’ll go on this journey with me…

Writer of Elegant Smut!