New Cover Reveal!

I am absolutely thrilled with my new cover for Arsonists Anonymous It always felt like it was more comedic and (dare I say?) chick-lit rather than straight Paranormal Romance, and this new cover definitely conveys that.
Thanks to Terry Mitchell, Arsonists Anonymous is now ready for its close-up.

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So three books of the Dancing With Werewolves Series are now available on Amazon

And my book Arsonists Anonymous is part of an amazing 6 book bundle called, Lovesick in Seattle just out now and featuring love stories by Holley Trent, Peggy Bird, Liv Rancourt, Dana Volney, and J.M. Stewart.
This book retails for the low price of $0.71 on Amazon.

And of course, I’m still working on the romance, Bite Me Baby (One More Time) starring my poor little werewoodle, Janette. I’ll give you details on that one as soon as it nears publication.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

and more werewolves coming your way!

So in case you didn’t notice, First Bite is the Deepest is now available for purchase and the third book in my werewolf series, Big Girls Don’t Bite is also available for pre-order now! To whet your appetite here’s a short excerpt:


“The bar is closing again? Why? For how long?” Anna stormed to the cash register to confront Ericson. She’d rushed over on her lunch hour after Rosie had mentioned the sign on the door. What if Ericson got a job at a different bar and then fell for someone else before she got her claws into him?—so to speak.

“Good afternoon to you, too, Anna.” His casual smile pissed her off.

“Are you going to still be working here when it reopens?”

His eyes widened. “Why? Did someone say I was getting fired?” He wiped the bar and slid her a glass of ice water. Did he do that at home like mothers absent mindedly cutting up their guests’ meat for them?

“No. I just—” She narrowed her eyes at him. Was he mocking her? “Well you coulda told me. That’s all.”

“By the way, Anna. The Wolf’s Lair is closing down for a few weeks starting Monday.” He leaned on the bar between them with a sly grin. “So if you’d like to ask me out, I may actually have a few days off.”

“Uh… What?” Jeez. She hadn’t expected that. She shook her head to clear it. “Oh sure. Do you want to go out some time?” If he dared turn her down now, she’d have to hit him.

“Love to. Where are you taking me?”

Oh hell. Is he serious? Just play along. “A new bar opened up a couple of blocks over on Main Street called Gamers. Do you play games?” Anna smiled. That could be taken either way.

“Definitely. But I should warn you, I only play to win.”

“We’ll see how that works for you. How’s next Tuesday night, and should we meet there?”

He blinked as if shocked. “Excuse me? You’re not picking me up with flowers and chocolate?”


“Okay. What time?”

“Seven.” Her stomach fluttered as the realization hit her that she’d actually asked him out and been accepted. But did it count as her asking when he’d suggested it?

He nodded. “Meanwhile, what can I get you?”

“Huh? Oh. Some fries would be great. And a coffee, please.”

“Coming right up.” He tapped her order in, poured her coffee and then scanned the rest of the bar. “Excuse me.”

Anna stared at her coffee bewildered. She’d gotten what she wanted—a date with Ericson—but somehow now she was feeling manipulated and in over her head. She’d always called the shots in her relationships and she didn’t like giving up control. But if they were both going for the same thing, did it matter who lead the dance?

Available For Pre-Order


FIRST BITE IS THE DEEPEST is now available for pre-order for the sale price of just 0.99 cents! (sorry, $1.33 in Canada, eh?) The price will increase when the book is actually live after Nov 25, 2016. And now to tempt you, here’s a short excerpt:

First Bite is the Deepest

My stomach fluttered at the sight of him, almost too perfect to be real. I swallowed trying to get some moisture in my throat before speaking.

“Hello beautiful.” Robert took my hand and kissed it. His soft lips and warm breath on my skin promising so much more. Then he pulled me towards him until we were just inches apart. Holy Hannah, he smelled good. What was it with me lately with all the smelling of men? And how the hell could this man smell so incredible? I couldn’t even identify the scent as floral or spicy, I just knew it made me want to jump his bones. Now. Maybe it was a pheromone cologne? I was so distracted by his heavenly scent, I didn’t even notice him coming in for the kiss until his lips met mine. His full, firm and sensuous lips.

Holy crap.

My body melted into his embrace like I had no say in the matter. Although I’m pretty sure if I did have a say, I would be, “Yeah, go for it!”

We stood there kissing for what seemed like an eternity and then like not nearly long enough when he broke it off. Yeah, somehow I didn’t think he’d make love like a randy dog.

I cleared my throat. “Hi.”

He kissed the top of my head and then murmured, “We could go to dinner, but I’d rather drag you inside and ravish your delectable body, right now.”

I looked up, startled to see his dark eyes looked totally serious. Wow. I think I’d like that.

“That sounds like fun, but I’ll take the dinner first.” I should get as much good food out of the deal as possible before he dumps me. Besides I still had to ask him how he felt about small animals.

His low chuckle surprised me. “I like a woman with a good appetite. Shall we then?”

I locked my door wondering if I was making a big mistake. What if he didn’t want to ravish me later? Or if I didn’t want to be ravished by him? Dead animals was still a definite deal breaker. Then again, if he was innocent, the anticipation would make it even more exciting.

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Coming Soon!


Okay, so not only am I excited about my huge score of Halloween chocolates at 70% off (not that I’m admitting to a Reese Peanut Butter Cup addiction, mind you) but I also just got the cover art for the second book in my Dances With Werewolves series! The book is now being formatted and should be ready for pre-order later this month. Yippee! Here’s the book description:


Can a woman bitten by a werewolf choose not to become one herself? Ella is not persuaded by rich, handsome, and (unfortunately) neutered werewolf, Robert Colbert that his bite need change her life. Despite her annoyance with his arrogance, she agrees to let him take her to dinner if he’ll let her interview him for her gossip magazine LoveLifeStyle about his previous job as a designer/host for a reality TV show.

Trying to convince her to accept her werewolf fate before the rapidly approaching full moon, Robert finds himself falling in love with the stubborn bitch-to-be. But with some dark secrets of her own and a scarier suitor on her horizon, Ella may prove to be the one woman able to resist Robert’s wolfish charm.

The sequel to Love at First Bite about Robert’s brother, Lucas, this steamy tale of mismatched lovers will have you dreaming of catching your own werewolf lover. Playing fetch? Not so much…

It’s Here!


Whoo hoo! The first of my Dances With Werewolves series is now available on Amazon
Funny, sexy werewolves will soon rule the world.
(so stock up on good T-bone steaks because I hear that’s the best way to get a werewolf of your own.)
This book is the perfect gift (for yourself or even for others) for Halloween.
Buy now! Buy often!

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